Test Cover Image of:  Cognitive Linguistic Explorations in Biblical Studies

Cognitive Linguistic Explorations in Biblical Studies

Edited by: Bonnie Howe and Joel B. Green
Writing, reading, and interpretation are acts of human minds, requiring complex cognition at every point. A relatively new field of studies, cognitive linguistics, focuses on how language and cognition are interconnected: Linguistic structures both shape cognitive patterns and are shaped by them. The Cognitive Linguistics in Biblical Interpretation section of the Society of Biblical Literature gathers scholars interested in applying cognitive linguistics to biblical studies, focusing on how language makes meaning, how texts evoke authority, and how contemporary readers interact with ancient texts. This collection of essays represents first fruits from the first six years (2006–2012) of that effort, drawing on cognitive metaphor study, mental spaces and conceptual blending, narrative theory, and cognitive grammar. Contributors include Eve Sweetser, Ellen van Wolde, Hugo Lundhaug and Jesper T. Nielsen.

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Bonnie Howe, Dominican University of California, San Rafael; Joel B. Green, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, USA.
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