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Thought Machines

Edited by: Jan Svenungsson
Introduction into the concept
Organized by the department for Graphics & Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the exhibition “Thought Machines” includes student work from Vienna as well as from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest; the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava; the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig and the Royal College of Art, London. All participants in the exhibition share a platform in being students of printmaking. From this point of departure they develop projects which inhabit the whole range of contemporary art-making possibilities. What binds these projects together is that they all address the concept of “Thought Machines” which is discussed by Jan Svenungsson in an introductory text.
An investigation into the potentiality of printmaking as a point of departure for radical contemporary art making. // An opportunity for comparison and exchange between top of the line art education institutions.

Author Information

Jan Svenungsson, professorship at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.