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GAM 10: Intuition & the Machine

Edited by: Technische Universität Graz
Sensuality indigital design
Digital media have enriched architectural production in many ways. They have created their own separate array of simulation, design and planning instruments, new fabrication and construction processes and generate new spatial experiences. This expansion of our sensual perception and its effects on our physicality and intuitively steered processes are the matter of extensive discussion in architecture when it comes to designing the surroundings of our lives in the future. In this context it becomes clear that human intuition is once again gaining importance as the counterpart to rational processes. What should we think of this tendency? Does it create the potential for a more sensual and intuitive handling of complexity in architectural design? Or is it this endorsement of intuition a flight from media technology as it continues its advance into more and more aspects of our lives? The authors of GAM.10 focus on the new forms of interaction between digital and architectural worlds of knowledge and experiences.
The sensual dimension of digital construction, simulation and design methods Intuition in the dialogue between people and digital design devices

Author Information

Petra Eckhard (Managing Editor), Daniel Gethmann (Executive Editor), Anselm Wagner (Book Review Editor), Urs Hirschberg (Guest Editor).