PPAG Phenomenology / Phänomenologie

Edited by: Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka, and Maik Novotny
An elephant skin house, a hill house, and a village on the roof. An open school landscape, a baroque multi-storey car park, and a silvery gleaming weather machine. Vienna-based PPAG architects studio, established in 1995 by Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka, reconceptualise architecture time and again with acumen, lust and inventive spirit. Their multifunctional street furniture “Enzi” in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier has become an indispensable hallmark of the city. In all their projects, PPAG search for the more in space, finding their way from the abstraction of the idea to the fresh reality of the palpable result, distilling gemütlichkeit from geometry and homeliness from science.With illustrations and plans of over 25 selected projects and an encyclopedia containing texts and background information, this book offers lucid insights into this complete and complex world of conceptualised, built and lived architecture. Speaking Architecture represents the comprehensive phenomenology of a team of architects that has never ceased to search for new potentials of life in space: More is More.
The projects are discussed in three interconnected sections: Projects – Compendium – Plans. The volume was published as a luxury edition.

Author Information

Anna Popelka,born in Graz.Georg Poduschka,born in Linz. Started PPAG architects in 1995.

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