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Bloch Dictionary: Guiding Concepts in the Philosophy of Ernst Bloch

Leitbegriffe der Philosophie Ernst Blochs

Edited by: Beat Dietschy, Doris Zeilinger and Rainer Zimmermann
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If something seems hopeless, we tend to find refuge in the "Principle of Hope". But Ernst Bloch longs for fulfillment. His philosophy focuses on a humane society; his conceptual instruments aid in understanding human existence in its possibilities, not only with regard to society, but also with regard to art, religion and nature. This dictionary explains the most important guiding concepts of Bloch’s philosophy of "concrete utopia".
Detailed, comprehensive articles on the most important guiding concepts of Bloch’s philosophy Systematic overview of all areas of his thought (Society, Art, Religion, Nature)


"Nicht nur eine an Bloch interessierte Forschung wird das Wörterbuch mit Gewinn zu Rate ziehen."Hans-Ulrich Fechler in: Die Rheinpfalz, 19.11.2012

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