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Sangspruch / Spruchsang
Handbook of Medieval German Poetry

Ein Handbuch

Edited by: Dorothea Klein, Jens Haustein and Horst Brunner
Together with: Holger Runow
Developed by renowned scholars in the field, this handbook presents current research on one of the principal genres of medieval German poetry – the Sangspruch. It describes the genre’s pragmatic and media-related determinants, literary contexts, the most important thematic foci, forms, and authors, as well as the historical development of the genre.
Grundlegendes Referenzwerk zu einer der wichtigsten Gattungen mittelalterlicher Literatur Systematische Darstellung des aktuellen Forschungsstandes Umfangreiche Forschungsbibliographie

Author Information

Jens Haustein, Jena, Dorothea Klein, Würzburg, Horst Brunner, Würzburg and Holger Runow, Munich, Germany.


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Audience: Medievalists, scholars interested in German, Romance, Dutch and Medieval Latin philology