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Russische Proto-Narratologie
Russian Proto-narratology

Texte in kommentierten Übersetzungen

Edited by: Wolf Schmid
This collected volume contains German translations with commentaries and annotations of 12 theoretical texts from the Russian pre-history of narratology. The texts, all of pre-formalistic, formalistic, or structuralist provenance or from sources close to formalism, are devoted to two key topics in Russian proto-narratology, the “sujet” and the work-immanent abstract author. The selection, translation, commentary and annotations were carried out by members of a sub-project within the Hamburg Narratology Research Group, which is funded by the German Research Foundation.


"Mit dieser Publikation wird ein weiteres wissenschaftshistorisch bedeutsames Kapitel der osteuropäischen Literaturforschung zugänglich."In: Geschichte der Germanistik 35+36/2009
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