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Pragmatics of Speech Actions

Edited by: Marina Sbisà and Ken Turner
This volume provides extensive critical information about current discussions in the study of speech actions. Its central reference point is classic speech act theory, but attention is also paid to nonstandard developments and other approaches that study speech as action. The first part of the volume deals with main concepts, methodological issues and phenomena common to different kinds of speech action. The second part deals with specific kinds of speech actions, including types of illocutionary acts and some discourse and conversational phenomena. Reduced series price (print) available! > For orders, please contact degruyter@de.rhenus.com.

Author Information

Marina Sbisà, University of Trieste, Italy; Ken Turner, University of Brighton, UK.

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Audience: Libraries, Academic Institutes and Scholars who are interested in Pragmatics, Linguistics, Philosophy and allied disciplines