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Macht aus Liebe
Power from Love. Reconstructing a Lutheran Political Ethics

Zur Rekonstruktion einer lutherischen politischen Ethik

The relationship between religion and politics has received increased attention in recent time. For religious traditions, this increased attention has been cause to reflect on their position regarding political life. Is it permissible for a religious person to engage in political life at all? Should he or she attempt to impose his religious views on the entire society? This book deals with Luther’s reflections on the relation between his religious views and politics. Luther understands political authority as a reflecting a God-given natural order. Christians are called to practice neighborly love also in political life. In Luther’s view, politics consists in the conversion of love into power. Can this idea still be defended today?


"[...] dieses Buch, dessen Verdienst ohne Zweifel darin besteht, die theologische Frage nach einer politischen Ethik in großer Klarheit in die gegenwärtige Diskussion einzubringen."Michael Coors in: Theologische Literaturzeitung 2/2011
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