Test Cover Image of:  Mishima Yukios „Zur Verteidigung unserer Kultur“ (Bunka boeiron)

Mishima Yukios „Zur Verteidigung unserer Kultur“ (Bunka boeiron)
Yukio Mishima’s “On the Defense of Culture” (Bunka boeiron): A Japanese Discourse on Identity in an International Context

Ein japanischer Identitätsdiskurs im internationalen Kontext

This volume presents Yukio Mishima’s essay “On the Defense of Culture” (1968) for the first time in German translation. Mishima examines the relationship between culture, tradition, the emperor, and nation, and asserts his opinions about these issues, which also shape his fictional works. This volume engages in a close reading of the text, thus illuminating major currents in post-war Japanese intellectual discourse.

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Audience: Japanologists, comparative literature scholars, literary scholars, cultural scholars