Test Cover Image of:  Historische Textgrammatik und Historische Syntax des Deutschen

Historische Textgrammatik und Historische Syntax des Deutschen
Historical Text Grammar and Historical Syntax of the German Language

Traditionen, Innovationen, Perspektiven

Edited by: Arne Ziegler
In collaboration with: Christian Braun
This work is a two-volume compendium dealing with the current state of historical text grammar. The volumes contain research by well-known language historians on the historical stages of the German language (from Old to New High German). The focus is on text grammatical, syntactical, text typological and methodological questions of language historiography in Germanic studies. With their all-encompassing perspective, these volumes represent handbooks on this subject. written by leading scholars from the field of language history at the cutting edge of current research comprehensive and clearly structured
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Audience: Germanistic Linguists, Institutes, Libraries