Test Cover Image of:  Aktuelle Probleme des geltenden deutschen Insolvenzrechts

Aktuelle Probleme des geltenden deutschen Insolvenzrechts
Current Problems of Applicable German Insolvency Law

Insolvenzrechtliches Symposium der Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Stiftung in Kiel 6./7. Juni 2008

Edited by: Stefan Smid, Mark Zeuner and Michael Schmidt
This publication is based on presentations given at the 4th Insolvency Law Symposium in Kiel (Germany) on current issues of German and international insolvency law. The following topics were addressed: the history of insolvency law; the insolvency court's supervision of the insolvency administrator; set-off options relating to tax claims; delayed distribution proceedings; insolvency and the English limited; insolvency appeals and the European Insolvency Regulation; international jurisdiction and conflict of laws.
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Audience: Academics, Professionals (Attorneys Specialized in Insolvency Law, Insolvency Administrators, Tax Advisors, Certified Accountants, Business Consultants), Banks, Companies, Institutions, Libraries