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Linguistic Realization of Evidentiality in European Languages

Edited by: Gabriele Diewald and Elena Smirnova
This book presents a selection of contributions to the workshop "Linguistic realization of evidentiality in European languages", held at the 30th Annual Convention of the German Society of Linguistics in Bamberg (February 27-29, 2008), and additional papers, which have been especially commissioned for this volume. Its main focus lies on providing further empirical evidence about languages that have various - lexical as well as grammatical - evidential expressions. The papers in this volume will offer a cross-linguistic perspective on this topic as they deal with a number of different language families and languages: Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian), Germanic languages (Dutch, German, English, Icelandic), Baltic and Slavic languages, Greek, Basque, and Turkish.

Author Information

Gabriele Diewald andElena Smirnova, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.


"[...] this volume will certainly be useful to researchers in the field of evidentiality and modality. It covers previous research and points out new, interesting areas of research."Karolien Janssens in: Linguist List 22.3049
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Audience: Scholars and Advanced Students working on Evidentiality; Furthermore, Scholars dealing with Modality, Language Change, Grammaticalization, Grammatical Categories, and Pragmatics