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Approaches to Phonological Complexity

Edited by: François Pellegrino, Egidio Marsico, Ioana Chitoran, and Christophe Coupé
Complexity approaches, developed in physics and biology for almost two decades, show today a huge potential for investigating challenging issues in Humanities and Cognitive Sciences and obviously in the study of language(s). Theoretical approaches that integrate self-organization, emergence, non linearity, adaptive systems, information theory, etc., have already been developed to provide a unifying framework that sheds new light on the duality between linguistic diversity on the one hand and unique cognitive capacity of language processing on the other hand. Nevertheless, most of the linguistics literature written in this framework focuses on the syntactic level addressed through computational complexity or performance optimization, while other linguistic components have been somewhat neglected.In this context, the proposed volume draws on an interdisciplinary sketch of the phonetics-phonology interface in the light of complexity. Composed of several first-order contributions, it will consequently be a significant landmark at the time of the rise of several projects linking complexity and linguistics around the world.

Author Information

Ioana Chitoran, Dartmouth Collegeand Yale University, USA.Christophe Coupé, CNRS, Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage, France.Egidio Marsico, CNRS, Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage, France.François Pellegrino, CNRS, Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage, France.
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Audience: Researchers and Graduate Students interested in Speech Production and Perception, Language Acquisition and cognitive processes.