Test Cover Image of:  Raumkonfigurationen in der Romantik

Raumkonfigurationen in der Romantik
Spatial Configurations in Romanticism

Edited by: Walter Pape
Around 1800 there is a new symbolisation and narration of ‘internal spaces’, spiritual and psychic processes, states or relationships which do not lend themselves to direct observation. This volume focuses on the narrated ‘real’ spaces of Romanticism; it deals with the cultural encoding of houses and rooms, castles and towers, but also of open spaces – the vastness of the sea, riverscapes and distant lands. The analyses are to be understood as a contribution within the currently proclaimed spatial or topographical turn to a new dimensioning of a complex of central importance for both narrative and representational techniques and for cultural anthropology.
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Audience: Germanisten, Literaturwissenschaftler, Bibliotheken, Institute