Test Cover Image of:  Von der "Anreizung zum Klassenkampf" zur "Volksverhetzung" (§ 130 StGB)

Von der "Anreizung zum Klassenkampf" zur "Volksverhetzung" (§ 130 StGB)
From the "Incitement to Class Conflict" to the "Incitement to Hatred" (§ 130 StGB). Reform discussions and legislation since the 19th century

Reformdiskussion und Gesetzgebung seit dem 19. Jahrhundert

“Incitement to class conflict” and “incitement to hatred” - two terms for one statue: § 130 of the German Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch: StGB). This work traces their development and the reform discussions. The subject of the examination is a regulation, which considers the forefront of violent actions against members of segments of the population. Its field of application is the intersection of the call for criminal actions, the ban to insult confessions or ideologies as well as abetting in general.
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