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Materialität in der Editionswissenschaft
Materiality in Editorial Studies

Edited by: Martin Schubert
This volume is a collection of essays about editions and the materials involved in their making. Elucidating the material characteristics ‑ e.g. the appearance and composition of the material and the different written layers, the arrangement and features of handwritten and printed books can provide clues about the origin of a text. Thirty-five individual contributions ‑ ranging from Bible transmission in antiquity, medieval manuscripts to the sketch books of modern authors ‑ explore how such material features are studied, processed and presented within the framework of edition-making.


"Die Editionswissenschaft zeigt sich in den 35 sorgfältig lektorierten Beiträgen des Tagungsbandes als lebendige, vielseitige Disziplin mit spannenden Projekten und großer Offenheit für neue Entwicklungen."Dorothée Leidig in: www.literaturkritik.de
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Audience: Academics (German Studies, Literary Studies, Philology, Music), Institutes, Libraries