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Körper, Gehirne, Gene
Bodies, Brains, Genes

Lyrik und Naturwissenschaft bei Ulrike Draesner und Durs Grünbein

German poetry of the 1990s is characterized by an intenseexamination of its relationshipwith the sciences. This book focuses on the works of the authors Durs Grünbein and Ulrike Draesner, two of the most important contemporary German poets, who increasingly take up scientific questions and motifs in their poems and essayistic texts on the nature and function of poetry. The study provides an important contribution to the current discussion on “Literature and Science”.
Detailed analysis of the intensive discussion of recent German-poetry with the sciences Focus on two major contemporary German-language poets, Durs Grünbein and Ulrike Draesner Refers to central poetological texts of the authors
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