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Beyond Classical Narration

Transmedial and Unnatural Challenges

Edited by: Jan Alber and Per Krogh Hansen
This collection of essays looks at two important manifestations of postclassical narratology, namely transmedial narratology on the one hand, and unnatural narratology on the other. The articles deal with films, graphic novels, computer games, web series, the performing arts, journalism, reality games, music, musicals, and the representation of impossibilities. The essays demonstrate how new media and genres as well as unnatural narratives challenge classical forms of narration in ways that call for the development of analytical tools and modelling systems that move beyond classical structuralist narratology. The articles thus contribute to the further development of both transmedial and unnatural narrative theory, two of the most important manifestations of postclassical narratology.

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Jan Alber, University of Freiburg, Germany; Per Krogh Hansen, University of Southern Denmark, Koldien, Denmark.

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Audience: Anyone interested in narrative theory, film studies, media studies and literary studies.