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Hippocratis De humoribus
Hippocrates: On the Humors. Edited, translated into German, and annotated by Oliver Overwien

Edidit, in linguam Germanicam vertit, commentatus est

Edited by: Oliver Overwien
The Hippocratic treatise De humoribus (On the Humors) has provided scholars from antiquity to the modern era with major interpretive problems. In particular, its general appearance as a series of medical terms and phrases has raised questions about its authorship and purpose. More detailed study has now shown it to be the work of a doctor from circa 400 BC, who created it from different sources and individual notes, which were preliminary work toward a larger treatise. This book presents the first critical edition of De humoribus based upon all known textual witnesses in both Greek and Arabic. It provides a German translation of the Greek Text with detailed notes to facilitate the interpretation of this often difficult text. The Introduction surveys information about the textual tradition and interpretive history of this work and discusses its structure, purpose, author, and date.

Author Information

Oliver Overwien, Humboldt University, Berlin.


"Overwiens Publikation vereint eigentlich mehrere Arbeiten in einem Band: Sie enthält eine umfassende Untersuchung zur Überlieferung der Schrift, eine Textausgabe mit Übersetzung und Kommentar sowie eine Edition der arabischen Übersetzung mit zusätzlichen Anmerkungen. Durch diese inhaltliche Vielfalt zeigt sich das Buch in mehrfacher Hinsicht als überaus wertvoll und nützlich für die Forschung."Anne Liewert in: BMCR 2015.04.09
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Audience: All those interested in ancient Greek science and medicine.