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Volumen 1 Gegen Julian. Buch 1-5
Cyril of Alexandria, "Against Julian" Books 1–5, ed. by Christoph Riedweg. With a general introduction by Christoph Riedweg and Wolfram Kinzig

Edited by: Christoph Riedweg
The first five books of Cyril of Alexandria’s (c. 378–444 CE) monumental work of refutation “Against Julian” are being published here for the first time in a modern critical edition with an extensive apparatus of sources and parallel texts. The general introduction outlines the direct and indirect transmission of the work and also presents brief essays on Julian’s polemic against the Christians and on Cyril’s rebuttal.

Author Information

Christoph Riedweg, University of Zurich, Switzerland.


"In conclusione questa edizione critica restituisce al mondo degli studiosi un’opera di grande rilievo storico e teologico, e bene si inserisce in una serie che recentemente ha ripreso un avvio, grazie anche alla instancabile attività di Markschies."Claudio Moreschini in: Museum Helveticum, Vol. 74, Fasc. 2, p. 236-237 "[...] ein unentbehrliches Arbeitsinstrument [...]"Christina Abenstein in: Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte 129/2 (2018), 252-254
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Audience: Classical philologists, church and general historians, philosophers, theologians