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Visualisation of Evolution


Artistic-scientific approach
Post-genomics and molecular biology provided the basis for a collection of drawings and installations from 20 years of artistic practice and artistic perspective on an increasingly media-driven world of communication in which subtleties are gradually disappearing from an individual language. The generalised theory of evolution and extended synthesis in theoretical biology have both inspired the work of artist and scientist Petra Maitz until the present day. From these, Maitz has formed a comprehensive hypothesis of the chemical world change, showing visualisations of evolution in a cultural and scientific context in her drawings. She presents medical and biological scientists and their research seen through the eyes of an artist.
Meta-modernism stems from convolution in molecular biology From Louis Pasteur to a skin laboratory in Sydney

Author Information

Petra Maitz studied arts in Hamburg, doctorate in Vienna. Illustrator and concept artist. Preferred subject: molecular biology.

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