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Semiconductor Spintronics

As the first comprehensive introduction into the rapidly evolving field of spintronics, this textbook covers ferromagnetism in nano-electrodes, spin injection, spin manipulation, and the practical use of these effects in next-generation electronics. Based on foundations in quantum mechanics and solid state physics this textbook guides the reader to the forefront of research and development in the field, based on repeated lectures given by the author.

From the content:
Low-dimensional semiconductor structures
Magnetism in solids
Diluted magnetic semiconductors
Magnetic electrodes
Spin injection
Spin transistor
Spin interference
Spin Hall effect
Quantum spin Hall effect
Topological insulators
Quantum computation with electron spins

  • The first to summarize the basic spin-related physical phenomena and their possible applications in future electronics in a didactically accessible manner.
  • Also covers topological insulators.
  • Includes over 100 full-color illustrations & diagrams.


"Insgesamt ist das Buch von Schäpers eine gelungene Werbung für das Feld der Spintronik, eine gute Grundlage für eine einsemestrige Spezialvorlesung und ein hochmotivierender Lesestoff."
Michael Oestreich in: Physik Journal 16 (2017) No. 8/9, p. 85

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Audience: Graduate students and researchers in physics, electrical engineering, and materials science.