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Das Fremde und das Eigene
The Stranger and the Self: Representations of the Stranger in Deuteronomy, as Seen from the Context of Israelite Constructions of Identity

Die Fremdendarstellungen des Deuteronomiums im Kontext israelitischer Identitätskonstruktionen

This study examines the statements about strangers, foreign peoples, and gods in Deuteronomy. It shows that representations of the stranger were closely tied to differently nuanced constructions of the authors’ own Israelite identities during different eras. The approach combines literary historical analysis with sociological insights regarding the construction of the identities of self and other.

Author Information

Ruth Ebach, University ofTübingen, Germany.


"E[bach] hat eine anregende Studie vorgelegt, die sich durch ihre differenzierte Wahrnehmung der Konstruktionen des/der Fremden auszeichnet."
Michaela Geiger in: Theologische Literaturzeitung 141 (2017) 5, S. 493-495
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