Test Cover Image of:  Grundthemen der Literaturwissenschaft: Literarische Institutionen

Grundthemen der Literaturwissenschaft: Literarische Institutionen
Fundamental Concepts in Literary Studies: Literary Insitutions

Edited by: Norbert Otto Eke and Stefan Elit
The myriad institutions for the production and promotion, reception and education, and distribution and storage of literature have not yet been examined in their complex entirety. This volume provides the first such examination and systematization of literary institutions from early "high" cultures to the present day, exploring the diverse ways in which they interact with each other and tracing the effect they have on literature in case studies. In doing so, it systematically reflects upon both guiding concepts and different research perspectives. This volume will make it possible to carry out further research on institutional areas and specific organizations by building upon the outlines introduced here or viewing them from a differentiated perspective.
umfassende Systematisierung literarischer Institutionen mit Schwerpunkt auf den deutschsprachigen Raum ausführlicher historischer Überblick
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Audience: Studierende und Wissenschaftler der Literatur-, Kultur-, Buch- und Medienwissenschaften