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Die Farben der Romantik
The Colors of Romanticism: Physics and Physiology, Art and Literature

Physik und Physiologie, Kunst und Literatur

Edited by: Walter Pape
This volume addresses the scientific, physiological, aesthetic, and symbolic function and meaning of colors in the art and literature of the Romantic era by examining the discourse on subjective and objective perception that took place around 1800. It reveals how colors in the “real world” and in the visual arts contrasted with the typically metaphoric colors in language and literature.

Author Information

Walter Pape, Univ. of Cologne.


"Die Farben der Romantik offers invaluable insights into the romantics’ exploration of color as a function of the interrelationship between subjectivity and objectivity, science and poetics, physiology and art, theory and practice. [...] Die Farben der Romantik thus represents a tremendously important contribution to the complex discourse of color as it unfolds in the period of romanticism [...]"Sabine Doran in: German Studies Review 40 /1 (2017): 185-187
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