Test Cover Image of:  Die Urfassungen der Martyria Polycarpi et Pionii und das Corpus Polycarpianum

Die Urfassungen der Martyria Polycarpi et Pionii und das Corpus Polycarpianum
The Original Versions of the Martyria Polycarpi et Pionii and the Corpus Polycarpianum

Band 1: Editiones criticae. Mit armenisch-deutschem Text und englischer Übersetzung. Band 2: Textgeschichte und Rekonstruktion. Polykarp, Ignatius und der Redaktor Ps.-Pionius

Contributor: Daniel Kölligan
Using ancient Armenian versions, it has been possible to retrieve the original Greek short version of both martyrologies. The textual layers can be interpreted as a mirror of the norms of Christian behavior during the period of persecution. The critical editions are followed in Volume 2 by a textual history and reconstruction.


"[Das] Buch bereichert die Forschung zur Kirchengeschichte nicht nur des 2. Jh."Hans Reinhard Seeliger in: ZKG 128/1 (2017), 103 "Zwierlein’s significant study is far more than just a critical edition, but a novel paradigm for understanding the Polycarpian, Pionian and Ignatian literatures. [...] If accepted, Zwierlein’s complex reconstructions would replace more traditional views with intricate histories of adaptations across several centuries, motivated by assorted later controversies. Zwierlein’s exacting work will certainly become a stimulating interlocutor, as other scholars sift and weigh his specific arguments, particular assertions of literary dependence, and detailed claims."Paul Hartog in: Journal of Ecclesiastical History (2018), 382-383
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Audience: Anyone interested in Theology, Ancient History, Classical Philology, Patristics, Jewish, Armenian, and Coptic studies