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Voice Technologies for Speech Reconstruction and Enhancement

Edited by: Hemant A. Patil and Amy Neustein
The book explores new ways to reconstruct and enhance speech that is compromised by various neuro-motor disorders – collectively known as “dysarthria.” The authors address some of the extant lacunae in speech research of dysarthric conditions: they show how new methods can improve speaker recognition when speech is impaired due to developmental or acquired pathologies; they present a novel multi-dimensional approach to help the speech system both assess dysarthric speech and to perform intelligibility improvement of the impaired speech; they display well-performing software solutions for developmental and acquired speech impairments, and for vocal injuries; and they examine non-acoustic signals and muted nonverbal sounds in relation to audible speech conversion.

The book provides an anthology of empirical studies of speech technologies for voice reconstruction for those who have lost their natural voices due to largectomies or have severely impaired voices that require speech enhancement.

Author Information

Hemant Patil, India; Amy Neustein, USA.

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Audience: Speech technology scientists working in research and development and medical practitioners.