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Band 10/2 Bankvertragsrecht 2
Bank Contract Law 2 – Commercial Banking: Payment Transactions and Lending

Commercial Banking: Zahlungs- und Kreditgeschäft

Compiled by: Stefan Grundmann and Moritz Renner
The just published second partial volume on Banking Contract Law (HGB) covers the two principal aspects of commercial banking – namely, payment transactions and lending. The commentaries place special emphasis on thinking that is based on underlying European and –to some extent – international normative standards while also taking into account transnational business activity. The two parts are written in interrelated fashion and presented in parallel, thus easing comparison. Stefan Grundmann has final responsibility for the section on payment transactions and Moritz Renner for the section on lending.

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Edition: 5th edition
Audience: Attorneys, notaries, accountants, tax advisors, courts, legal departments, scholars, institutes, and libraries