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Introduction to Topology

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The aim of the book is to give a broad introduction of topology to undergraduate students. It covers the most important and useful parts of the point-set as well as the combinatorial topology. The development of the material is from simple to complex, concrete to abstract, and appeals to the intuition of readers. Attention is also paid to how topology is actually used in the other fields of mathematics. Over 150 illustrations, 160 examples and 600 exercises will help readers to practice and fully understand the subject.

Set and Map
Metric Space
Topological Concepts
Topological Properties
Topics in Point Set Topology

  • Covers point set topology and combinatorial topology
  • Contains abundant examples and exercises to facilitate the study
  • Entry level textbook, allowing easy access to the topic

Author Information

Min Yan, HongKong University of Science and Technology, HongKong.

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