Test Cover Image of:  Recht und Moral in der Scholastik der Frühen Neuzeit 1500-1750

Recht und Moral in der Scholastik der Frühen Neuzeit 1500-1750
Law and Morality in Early Modern Scholasticism (approx. 1500–1750)

Series: methodica, 1

Studies of early modern scholasticism are experiencing a boom today. Legal scholars, philosopher, theologians, and economists are approaching the texts of the “Spanish late scholastics” and “Catholic natural law theorists” from their own perspectives. Both beginners and experts will find the tools in this volume for conducting independent research on the sources and cross-disciplinary insight regarding the state of research.

  • Published by the Max Planck Institute for the European History of Law
  • Clear and concise introduction to the issues and methods of the discipline, especially in working with legal historical sources


"Es sollte deutlich geworden sein, dass der Titel des Werkes kein Etikettenschwindel ist. Den Verfassern gelingt es tatsächlich, dem Leser eine große Epoche der europäischen Geistesgeschichte nahezubringen und ihn zu eigenen Forschungen anzuregen."
Daniel Damler in: HZ 307 (2018), 504-505

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Audience: Students/scholars in legal history, history of philosophy, theology and economic thought in the early modern period