Test Cover Image of:  I «Diarii» di Marin Sanudo (1496–1533)

I «Diarii» di Marin Sanudo (1496–1533)
Analyses of the Language of the «Diarii» by Sanuto the Younger (1496–1533)

Sondaggi filologici e linguistici

Premio Giovanni Nencioni 2014
The Diarii, faithful chronicle of the years between 1496 and 1533 written by the Venetian patrician Marino Sanuto, are considered an indispensable reference work for research on the late Renaissance. This present study provides a detailed linguistic and philological analysis of the Diarii, based on the edition Fulin et al. (1879–1903) as well as on excerpts of autographic manuscripts (Marc.It. VII, 228–286).

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Francesco Crifò, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany.
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