Test Cover Image of:  L’historiographie tardo-antique et la transmission des savoirs

L’historiographie tardo-antique et la transmission des savoirs
Late Antique Historiography and the transmission of knowledge

Edited by: Philippe Blaudeau and Peter Van Nuffelen
Late Antiquity witnessed enormous cultural changes, affecting all areas of intellectual life. Historiography is one of the most characteristic genres of this period and perhaps one of the most innovative ones. This volume seeks to understand how historiography both responded to the cultural changes and shaped these at the same time. Indeed, a historiographical work aims at providing its readers with experiences from the past and at interpreting these in a meaningful way and often seeks to integrate this type of knowledge into a wider body of knowledge. This theme is explored from six angles in the present volume: 1) the relationship between historiography and rhetoric; 2) the transmission of classical rhetorical culture to areas beyond the Roman Empire 3) the circulation of information, traditions and documents in the whole area of the Roman Empire and frontier areas; 4) the role played by intellectual groups (clerical and lay) in this process 5) the social, cultural, and religious variety of audiences; 6) the impact of difference in genre on the engagement with forms of knowledge.

Author Information

Philippe Blaudeau, University of Angers; Peter van Nuffelen, University of Ghent.


"The papers almost uniformly showcase careful and incisive analysis of late antique historiography; their regularly dense, technical argumentation is often provided helpfully in tables or relegated to the footnotes. [...] For the value of the historians and subjects discussed, then, the collection should certainly be acquired by libraries at research institutions and by specialists in late- antique historiography."David J. DeVore in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2018.03.09 "Ohne Zweifel bietet dieser gelungene Sammelband viele anregende Impulse für die weitere Forschungsdiskussion über die Historiographie als Phänomen [...] Die Stärke des Bandes liegt auch in den einzelnen Studien, die einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Erforschung der behandelten Geschichtswerke liefern."Dariusz Brodka in: Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum / Journal of Ancient Christianity 2016; 20(3): 572–577
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Audience: All those interested in the history and culture of Late Antiquity, in particular historiography.