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GAM 11: Archiscripts

Textual Forms of Architectural Design

Edited by: Technische Universität Graz
Writing architecture
Writing has become an important component of the architectural practice. Architects experiment with new writing modalities in order to concretize architectural designs and built forms, or to generate and debate about guidelines and paradigms in architecture. Even literary texts like utopian stories, comics, or urban novels open for architecture imaginative space conceptions that go beyond mere geometrical and functional principles.GAM Archiscripts is a collection of current positions on and analyses of forms of expression, and of practices in architectural writing and publishing.With contributions from Pedro Gadanho, Jimenez Lai, Martino Stierli, Bernard Tschumi, WAI Think Tank, Julia Weber and many more.
Up-to-date overview on the topic of “architecture and written text” Writing about architecture, writing as architecture, architecture in written texts GAM publishes peer-reviewed specialist contributions.
Audience: Architects, students and teachers of architecture