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Luxemburger Familiennamenbuch
Dictionary of Luxembourgish Family Names

Now in paperback

For the first time, this dictionary of names brings together Luxembourgish family names with extensive descriptions of all 2,500 names in relation to the type of name, etymology, linguistic history, and geographical scope. It includes Luxembourg’s border regions with Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

  • Reference work on 2500 family names in today’s Luxembourg
  • Also describes the geographic spread into border regions of Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands


"Es ist den Autoren gelungen, nicht nur eine gründliche Darstellung der Luxemburger Familiennamen, sondern auch einen interessanten Beitrag zur romanisch-germanischen Interferenzonomastik vorzulegen."
Dr. Rosa Kohlheim in: Muttersprache 1–2/2017: 144-145
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Audience: Linguists, onomasticians/etymologists, genealogists, the interested public, academic institutions, libraries