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Research - Observe - Make

An Alternative Manual for Architectural Education

Edited by: Michelle Howard
An inspiring compendium
In 2008, the Department of Art and Architecture at the Vienna Academy of Fine Artsdeveloped a new basis for the architecture curriculum. They created five research platforms: Analogue and Digital Production (ADP), Ecology Sustainability Conservation (ESC), History Theory Criticism (HTC), Geography Landscape Cities (GLC) and Construction Material Technology (CMT). The CMT platform is leadby Michelle Howard;who used the platform to explore the Research Observe Make (ROM) teaching studies. The ROM publication documents this program of studies and also forms the basis for future development. It comprises, assembled in one volume, five complementary books, which can also be read individually. After an introduction and an exposé on theory, the "elemental", "spatial" and "material" projects are introduced. The last book documents workshops, lectures and experiments.An inspiring compendium with numerous expert contributions and creative student projects.
Innovative approaches based on research-oriented student projects Also a reference book for architectural design With contributions by M. Howard, P. Bauer, H. Hempel, J. Käferhaus, C. Fröhlich,G. Dreger and B. Frass

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Audience: Architects, students and teachers of architecture and art