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Analytics: Data, Formulas, and Practice Exercises

Daten, Formeln, Übungsaufgaben

Founded by: Friedrich W. Küster and Alfred Thiel
Compiled by: Alfred Ruland and Ursula Ruland

Prev. Rechentafeln f. d. Chem. Analytik

Küster and Thiel’s seminal textbook, formerly titled Computational Tables for Chemical Analytics, is a comprehensive compilation of the most important methods and data of analytical chemistry and an essential reference work for laboratory work. In addition to numerous tables, the reader also will find many explanations and examples, including detailed descriptions of calculations, which greatly simplify the use of the work.

  • A new edition of the classic Computing Tables for Chemical Analytics
  • Includes numerous clear explanations, examples, and calculations


"Dieses vorbildlich gestaltete Werk ist für zahlreiche Zielgruppen in der Chemie und der Angewandten Chemie während des Studiums, wie auch bei der Ausbildung und der berufllchen Tätigkeit, sehr empfehlenswert."
Dr. Dieter Holzner in: CLB 68. Jahrgang, Heft 01 - 02/2017

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Edition: 108th edition
Audience: Chemists, physicists, and engineers at universities and technical colleges; apprentices and laboratory assistants