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Mass Analysis: Titrations with Chemical and Physical Indications

Titrationen mit chemischen und physikalischen Indikationen

Founded by: Gerhart Jander and Karl-Friedrich Jahr
Compiled by: Gerhard Schulze, Jürgen Simon and Ralf Martens-Menzel

The 19th edition of this introduction to titration and instrumental mass analysis includes comprehensive information on theory and practical applications. It includes descriptions and explanations of all standard methods, including acid-base, redox, and complex formation titrations, while also addressing pharmaceutical and environmental analysis. The color layout augments the lucidity of this classic textbook on analytical chemistry.

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Edition: 19. Aufl.
Audience: Studierende der Chemie an Unis und FHs, CTAs, MTAs, PTAs, Chemie Laboranten, Umwelttechniker.