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Prähistorische Pfahlbauten im Alpenraum
Prehistoric Pile Dwellings in the Alpine Region: Exploring and Spotlighting a World Heritage Site

Erschließung und Vermittlung eines Welterbes

Edited by: Eva-Maria Seng, Helmut Schlichtherle, Claus Wolf,  and C. Sebastian Sommer
In collaboration with: Frank Göttmann
The World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO in 2011 covers locations in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia. The stilt houses provide us with an insight into the living conditions of communities between 5000 and 600 BC, i.e. ranging from the later Neolithic period to the Iron Age. The houses are not visible on the surface, but are hidden in the water along the banks and in shallow water areas of the sub-alpine lakes, or under the surface of moorland. As the stilt houses were hermetically sealed in these locations, organic materials such as timber, textile and food remains have been extraordinarily well preserved. However, modern use and changes in environmental conditions pose a threat to these sensitive historic sites.

Author Information

Eva-Maria Seng and Frank Göttmann, Paderborn; Helmut Schlichtherle, Stuttgart; Claus Wolf, Stuttgart; Sebastian Sommer, Munich.
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Audience: Archeologists, scholars of prehistory and early history, monument conservators, heritage studies