Test Cover Image of:  Kaiserkult in den Provinzen des Römischen Reiches

Kaiserkult in den Provinzen des Römischen Reiches
The Imperial Cult in the Roman Provinces: Organization, Communication and Representation

Organisation, Kommunikation und Repräsentation

Edited by: Anne Kolb and Marco Vitale
The cultic worship of the Roman Emperor and his family by the province's population was not only a religious but as well a political matter. It further involves relevant aspects in the field of media, social and economic history. With new epigraphic and numismatic sources, the papers in this volume illuminate the imperial cult in the provinces and even outside the empire from its origins to Late Antiquity.

Author Information

Marco Vitale, University of Oxford, UK; Anne Kolb, Universität Zürich, Switzerland.


"[...] an important contribution on the imperial cult in the eastern provinces of the Empire and even beyond."Florian Matei-Popescu in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2018.04.26 "Damit bietet der Band auch zahlreiche weiterführende Anstosspunkte zum interdisziplinären Austausch."In: Helvetia Archaeologica 192 (2017)
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Audience: Students and scholars of history, classical history, archeology, classical philology, theology, philosophy.