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Computational Strong-Field Quantum Dynamics

Intense Light-Matter Interactions

Edited by: Dieter Bauer
With contributions of: Heiko Bauke, Thomas Brabec, Thomas Fennel, Chris R. McDonald, Dejan B. Milošević, Stefan Pabst, Christian Peltz, Gisela Pöplau, Robin Santra, and Charles Varin

This graduate textbook introduces the com-putational techniques to study ultra-fast quantum dynamics of matter exposed to strong laser fields. Coverage includes methods to propagate wavefunctions according to the time dependent Schrödinger, Klein-Gordon or Dirac equation, the calculation of typical observables, time-dependent density functional theory, multi configurational time-dependent Hartree-Fock, time-dependent configuration interaction singles, the strong-field approximation, and the microscopic particle-in-cell approach.


How to propagate a wavefunction?

Calculation of typical strong-field observables

Time-dependent relativistic wave equations: Numerics of the Dirac and the

Klein-Gordon equation

Time-dependent density functional theory

The multiconfiguration time-dependent Hartree-Fock method

Time-dependent configuration interaction singles

Strong-field approximation and quantum orbits

Microscopic particle-in-cell approach

  • Suitable for graduate students starting a MSc or PhD in the field of strong-field quantum dynamics.
  • Includes detailed explanations of the widely used numerical wavefunction propagators.
  • Contains many examples.

Author Information

Dieter Bauer, University of Rostock, Germany.

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Audience: Students and researchers in Physics. Also of interest for researchers in Quantum chemistry.