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Interacción entre gramática, didáctica y lexicografía
The Interaction of Grammar, Didactics and Lexicography: Contrastive and Multi-contrastive Studies

Estudios contrastivos y multicontrastivos

Edited by: María José Domínguez Vázquez and Silvia Kutscher

This collection of texts deals with lexicographical and grammatical issues of Spanish from a contrastive and didactic perspective. It aims at identifying the phenomena which are most interesting for compiling contrastive grammars and dictionaries for the Spanish language by focussing on the latest developments in the field of foreign language teaching.

In its first part, the volume presents discussions of the contrastive method in linguistics as well as in foreign language teaching and of the theoretical issues concerning the nature of the tertium comparationis for comparative linguistic analysis.

In the second part, it provides case studies on grammatical, lexical and lexicographical issues comparing Spanish with German, Galician, French, and Italian.

The volume is laid out as a compendium of a number of key issues for future research in the field.

Este volumen se centra en el estudio de cuestiones lexicográficas y gramaticales del español desde una perspectiva (multi)contrastiva y didáctica. En la primera parte se presentan aportaciones sobre métodos y teorías relacionadas con el objeto de estudio. En la segunda se ofrecen estudios contrastivos del español con el alemán, gallego, francés e italiano. El libro sirve de compendio de una serie de cuestiones clave parafuturas investigaciones.

  • discusses general issues concerning methods and theory for writing contrastive grammars and dictionaries
  • gives contrastive case studies on Spanish compared toother languages
  • offers a compendium-like guideline for future research in the field

Author Information

María José Domínguez Vázquez, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Silvia Kutscher, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.

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Audience: Academics (Spanish Studies, German Studies, Linguistics), Libraries