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X-ray Studies on Electrochemical Systems

Synchrotron Methods for Energy Materials

This book is your graduate level entrance into battery, fuel cell and solar cell research at synchrotron x-ray sources. Materials scientists find numerous examples for the combination of electrochemical experiments with simple and with highly complex x-ray scattering and spectroscopy methods. Physicists and chemists can link applied electrochemistry with fundamental concepts of condensed matter physics, physical chemistry and surface science.

Molecular Structure and Electronic Structure
Crystal Structure and Microstructure
Real Space Imaging and Tomography
Resonant Methods and Chemical Contrast Variation
Surface Sensitive and Volume Sensitive Methods
Organic and Bio-Organic Samples
Complex Case Studies / Electrochemical In Situ Studies
Correlation of Electronic Structure And Conductivity
Radiation Damages
Background Subtraction
X-Ray Physics Nobel Prizes
Synchrotron Centers World
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Kα,Β X-Ray Energies
Periodic Table of Elements

  • Includes investigations of organic materials, bio-electronic interfaces and devices.
  • Covers surface & volume sensitive methods.
  • The first comprehensive treatment for chemical energy storage and conversion devices from the atomic & molecular scale.

Author Information

Artur Braun, Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland.


"After finishing the book a first conclusion I get is that it has given me access to a vast amount of information [..] providing insight in a large variety of energy-related materials with many different experimental techniques. The richness in possibilities is therefore huge."
Gastón García, Crystallography Reviews (2017) /P>

"This is a good book that is indispensable for students and researchers [...]"
Hideto Imai in: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 25 (2018), 1609-1610

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Audience: Students and researchers in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Electrical Engineering.