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Electrons in Solids

Mesoscopics, Photonics, Quantum Computing, Correlations, Topology

As a continuation of classical condensed matter physics texts, this graduate textbook introduces advanced topics of correlated electron systems, mesoscopic transport,quantum computing, optical excitations and topological insulators. The book is focusing on an intuitive understanding of the basic concepts of these rather complex subjects.

  • Covers modern many body theory and effects arising from correlated electron systems.
  • Closes a gap between basic condensed matter textbooks and the forefront of research.
  • Useful for various graduate courses.

Author Information

Thomas Brückel, Jülich; Hendrik Bluhm, Markus Morgenstern, Gero von Plessen, Christoph Stampfer, U Aachen, Germany.

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Audience: Graduate students and Lecturers in Physics, electrical engineering and materials science.