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The Old English Gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels

Language, Author and Context

Edited by: Julia Fernández Cuesta and Sara M. Pons-Sanz
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Aldred’s interlinear gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels (London, British Library, MS Cotton Nero D.IV) is one of the most substantial representatives of the Old English variety known as late Old Northumbrian. Although it has received a great deal of attention in the past two centuries, there are still numerous issues which remain unresolved. The papers in this collection approach the gloss from a variety of perspectives – language, cultural milieu, palaeography, glossography – in order to shed light on many of these issues, such as the authorship of the gloss, the morphosyntax and vocabulary of the dialect(s) it represents, its sources and relationship to the Rushworth Gospels, and Aldred’s cultural and religious affiliations. Because of its breadth of coverage, the collection will be of interest and great value to scholars in the fields of Anglo-Saxon studies and English historical linguistics.

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Julia Fernández Cuesta, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; Sara M. Pons-Sanz, University of Cardiff, UK.

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Audience: Academics (English Studies, Historical Linguistics, History), Libraries