Test Cover Image of:  Ioannis Canani de Constantinopolitana obsidione relatio

Ioannis Canani de Constantinopolitana obsidione relatio

A Critical Edition, with English Translation, Introduction, and Notes of John Kananos' Account of the Siege of Constantinople in 1422

Edited by: Andrea Massimo Cuomo
This volume fills the need for a new critical edition and linguistic study of John Kananos' account of the siege of Constantinople in 1422. New research on the manuscripts has produced a new stemma codicum and shown that the oldest witness of this narrative, Vat. gr. 579 (ff. 355r - 364v), was written in Constantinople and belonged to the prolific scribe Phlamules Kontostephanos, who also provided the copy with a title in which the name of John Kananos is mentioned for the first time. The philological approach adopted here explains contradictions among the manuscripts and Kananos' peculiar vernacularisms and reveals a surprisingly realistic and elaborate Greek. The accompanying English translation, a chapter on the language of Kananos, and a complete thesaurus make this volume a valuable contribution to the study of late Byzantine literature.

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Andrea Massimo Cuomo, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Medieval Studies, Vienna, Austria.
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Audience: All those interested in Medieval and Byzantine history and in the history of Greek language