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Für die Nation gesichert?
Safeguarded for the Nation? The “Catalogue of Artworks of National Value”: Its Creation, Establishment, and Instrumentalization, 1919–1945

Das „Verzeichnis der national wertvollen Kunstwerke“: Entstehung, Etablierung und Instrumentalisierung 1919-1945

This book examines the reasons that led to the adoption of the "Ordinance on the Export of Artworks" in December 1919 and outlines the responsibilities of the important actors involved. It also casts light on discussions about the expectations regarding export protection in both the professional and public world and presents the process for requesting exemptions.
Describes public discourse, political decision-making, and the role of museums Looks at the art market, private collectors, and the history of taste Lists over 1,600 artworks for future reference "of value to the nation"


"Wer sich umfassend über die historischen Hintergründe eines Aspekts der im letzten Jahr verabschiedeten Novelle zum Kulturgutschutzgesetz informieren möchte, nehme Maria Obenaus‘ gewichtige Doktorarbeit zur Hand."Arsprototo 1-2017
Audience: Art scholars, historians, political scientists