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Perspectives on Art Education

Conversations Across Cultures

Edited by: Ruth Mateus-Berr and Michaela Götsch
Teaching art
The training of teachers in arts universities is changing. It is confronted by the great challenge of essential cultural, technological, social and economic changes. The symposium "Perspectives on Art Education" (Vienna, May 28 - 30, 2015) is dedicated to these changes: What does the training need today in terms of artistic practice, research, and communication skills? What explanations do historical and contemporary approaches offer? What new strategies are needed in teaching and learning? How can the diverse approaches to art education in different cultures, embedded in various national structures and school types complement and empower each other andjointly develop?
New possibilities of art education in the 21st century Insight into the approaches of different countries Perspectives on the future of teacher training in arts universities

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Ruth Mateus-Berr, Michaela Götsch, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

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Audience: Lehrende und Studierende im Bereich Lehramt für Kunst, Design, Architektur