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How to Make Believe

The Fictional Truths of the Representational Arts

Edited by: J. Alexander Bareis and Lene Nordrum
A major question in studies of aesthetic expression is how we can understand and explain similarities and differences among different forms of representation. In the current volume, this question is addressed through the lens of make-believe theory, a philosophical theory broadly introduced by two seminal works – Kendall Walton’s Mimesis as Make-Believe and Gregory Currie's The Nature of Fiction, both published 1990. Since then, make-believe theory has become central in the philosphical discussion of representation. As a first of its kind, the current volume comprises 17 detailed studies of highly different forms of representation, such as novels, plays, TV-series, role games, computer games, lamentation poetry and memoirs. The collection contributes to establishing make-believe theory as a powerful theoretical tool for a wide array of studies traditionally falling under the humanities umbrella.

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J. Alexander Bareis and Lene Nordrum, Lund University, Lund, Sweden .
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Audience: Researchers and students with an interest in philosophy, aesthetics, narrative, fictionality