Test Cover Image of:  Celsus und die antike Wissenschaft

Celsus und die antike Wissenschaft

Lateinisch - deutsch

Edited by: Werner Albert Golder

Presumably, Aulus Cornelius Celsus, whose creative activity came under the rule of emperor Tiberius, was not a professional doctor, but he wrote the best medical work of Roman literature. Within the eight books unpretentiously entitled De medicina, numerous witty remarks and historic gems are hidden. The most important ones have been included into the present anthology, translated into Germanand supplied with commentaries.


"Dem potentiellen Celsus-Liebhaber wird mit diesem Band der Sammlung Tusculum viel (an)geboten [...]"
Friedemann Weitz in: Informationsmittel (IFB) 27/1 (2019), http://informationsmittel-fuer-bibliotheken.de/showfile.php?id=9586

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Audience: Classical philologists, historians of medicine, medical ethicists, social historians